It is our belief that ‘food makes the world go round’. Without food no life - so why not make something you must do every day a satisfying experience!


Growing-up in a food-loving Dutch-Indonesian family and having cooked daily for the past 15 years I know all about Asian cuisine. During the past years I gained extensive knowledge about cutting and cooking techniques and about how to find the desired flavor balance, which is so important in Asian dishes. Now, I want to use my knowledge and experience to let you cook tasteful and healthy dishes. That’s why we started Amsterdam Cooking Workshops!


In our hectic and often individualistic world there’s an ongoing trend to eat healthy and become more aware of where our food is coming from. Less and less people have or take time to cook at home, so eating out or ordering food has become increasingly popular. As a result people eat less healthy, know less how to cook and if they do, it often causes them stress.


Amsterdam Cooking Workshops

In our 3 or 4-hour Indonesian cooking workshops, which we host at two locations in the center of Amsterdam, you will learn about key ingredients, cutting and cooking techniques and dish-specific preparation methods, in order to cook signature dishes of Indonesian cuisine. Apart from cooking together with friends and family you will also find out that cooking can be very mindful and satisfying. No need to say that cooking yourself is often way more healthier than ordering food!


Last but not least, don’t expect dull moments in our interactive cooking workshops. We are very welcoming host and we like to entertain our guests during our Indonesian cooking lessons.


Apart from our passion for cooking we are very fond of Dutch & Asian history. We live in the middle of the historic city center of Amsterdam, the birthplace of modern-age capitalism. Being surrounded by so much history combined with our Asian roots, it would be a shame not to tell you some interesting anecdotes and stories! This personal touch is what distinguishes us from traditional cooking schools.

About the founder

Being from Dutch and Indonesian descent I grew up in a food-loving family and spent a lot of time in the kitchen watching my mother cook Indonesian dishes. Regular visits to the Indonesian part of my family always revolved around food.


However, I started to enjoy cooking much later in my life. During my student life I became tired of waiting for my roommates to come up with dinner plans. Most of the time we ended up ordering fast food instead of cooking something ourselves. I decided to take matters into my own hands and started doing groceries and cook dinner for me and my roommates. From then on, which is about 15 years ago, I developed a great passion for Asian cuisines. I'm really passionate about the ingredients and the flavors involved in Asian cuisines and I would love to learn you about the mouthwatering dishes I cook every day!


In addition, I developed a talent for tasting flavors and combinations thereof. For example, when tasting a specific dish or spice paste, I know exactly what kind of ingredient should be added (salt – sweet – bitter – sour – umami) in order to create that desired balance of flavors. 

So if you're up to learning how to cook some delicious Asian dishes together with your friends, family or colleagues, take a look at the available cooking lessons or book online at Amsterdam Cooking Workshops .


Looking forward to meeting you!


David – Amsterdam Cooking Workshops

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