Authentic Asian Cooking Workshops

Our Indonesian, Thai and Vietnamese cooking workshops enable you to cook signature dishes of Asia's finest cuisines by yourself.


No more guessing about what ingredients the dishes in your favourite restaurant consist of.


No more guessing about what quantities you should use in specific dishes to achieve that special signature taste.


In our cooking workshops you will learn how to use and combine essential ingredients and create signature dishes, all by yourself, but with your friends and family.


Depending on your choice, a Indonesian, Thai or Vietnamese cooking workshop lasts 3 or 4 hours.


During our cooking workshops our chefs introduce themselves and tell you about their history and passion for Southeast Asian cuisines. Next, you will learn about taste, fragrance, history and use of key ingredients. Up next is how to use specific combinations of ingredients to create signature flavours.


Then you will be guided step by step how to combine those ingredients and prepare a variety of delicious and tasteful dishes. Last but not least, dinner will be served! 

ground coconut and peanut, fried onions for indonesian cooking workshops, cooking lessons and classes

After booking a cooking workshop we will contact you with a short questionnaire so we can create a custom-made experience for you.


Please let us know what your preferences are (meat, fish, vegetarian, vegan for example) and we will create a personalized menu for you and your friends or family.


We are open to suggestions. So if you want to master a specific dish or cooking technique, please let us know and we will do our utmost to meet your request.


There are two timeslots available for our cooking workshops (around lunch and around dinner) but if you prefer another time please let us know upfront as well.

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